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Our network

We use the UK's largest network with 99% 2G and 3G UK population coverage. 

How are we different? 

By choosing The Co-operative Mobile from The Phone Co-op, you're doing more than just buying a SIM card. You're using a co-operative.

The Phone Co-op is owned by its members, we aren't focused on putting money into the pockets of external shareholders. The money we make goes towards improving our service, rewarding members with a dividend payment, and helping worthwhile community projects.

We're proving that it's possible to run a successful business while behaving ethically and with social responsibility. We're not just in it for today, we're thinking long term.

The Phone Co-op, an independent consumer co-operative based in Chipping Norton and Manchester. The Phone Co-op also provides The Co-operative Phone & Broadband and The Co-operative Business Telecoms. To find out more, visit our main site.

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